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Flying from Mumbai to Agra via Jaipur

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From Mumbai to Jaipur to AgraThe scale tipped in favor of the destination over the journey itself, but in retrospect, they were even.

We headed up early in the morning to the airport for the Mumbai – Jaipur – Agra flight, to see some landmarks in India. We would be staying there for few days. I had been looking forward to this one trip since my first time in India. It was exciting to sat the least!

Our flight was delayed which was a part of the chain of late flights. It was a relief to be finally on the airplane flying to Jaipur after few hours. In my mind, I was visualizing the map of India and considering how big it was, we would be flying up north for several hours.

No Photography

Security is of top concern in all airports in the world. I found out that there in Jaipur airport, they didn’t allow photography as in some airports in India; they were tight on security, so everyone moves with precaution, as we should anywhere else in the world. When we go in any country or cross any geopolitical boundaries, we would be under and subject to their laws and regulations. We obey those.

flight in india

Flying Kingfisher Airlines

The next flight was to Agra and it would not take off till 3:00 pm (we arrived in Jaipur at 1 pm). The ground staff told us that the delay was due to ‘air traffic congestion’. We waited for another thirty minutes extension to the delay.

The plane finally arrived. Here was where the scale tipped back even Рwhat surprised us most was that: My companion and I were the only paying passengers on the plane!

It was like we were on a chartered plane haha. But in fairness, the service was great and they were very accommodating. Understandably, there was only one attendant on that flight. I was not so sure of that air traffic congestion, but I was sure they had to make a business decision.

Kingfisher Airlines had just taken the Jaipur -Agra route not long ago that time. I was sure in the future they would have many passengers and not lose some operating money in flying such a new and big plane with only two passengers.

It was already evening when the airplane landed in Agra. Well, the delays would be worth it all for what was awaiting us there in our destination. I was still so excited, all the more that we arrived there already, safely!

Our next destination – The Taj Mahal and other historic buildings in India.


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