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The Most Popular State Park in Texas

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It was the most visited park out of all the 93 Texas Parks in 2016. And we saw why Garner State Park is the most popular Park in the State.

Visiting The Most Popular State Park in Texas

Garner State Park

Situated in the Hill Country River Region of Texas in Concan, Garner State Park features the crystal clear Frio River, the deep canyons and limestone cliffs, and the beautiful views from atop the overlooking summits and rolling hills.

People come to visit the park for variety of reasons. For us, we want to unwind and travel away from work (travel is therapy!), and resume our rounds of Texas State Parks. And it was Garner State Park’s turn to satisfy our wanderlust. There the activities that can be had are so varied that no one should be bored. garner state park

Things to do at Garner State Park

1. Sunset sky watching, moon and star-gazing.

When we arrived at the headquarters before dusk, there were a lot of vehicles parked on the parking area. No, were not on a department store parking lot, we were at a Texas State Park parking lot. It was a big area for a Park, but as they say, “everything is big in Texas”! 🙂

Many people were checking in, and I stayed in the truck. I watched in silence as the western sky takes on shades of pink, orange and yellow, as the sun was setting behind the hills, promising to rise again, as the quarter moon slowly taking over the skies. Have you wished upon a falling star? I made one upon the setting of that sun. It was an exhilarating sunset scene or shall I say “show”!Garner State Park SunsetEven though there were some tree branches above us, we could clearly see the moon and the millions of stars! Just plainly beautiful and relaxing to be under them gazing back, while enjoying the warmth of the fire. You don’t get to see all of them every clear night in big cities like Houston.

When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator. – Mahatma Gandhi

2. Camping

Two adorable elderly women gave us directions to the spot. I though it was cute, amazing and kinda amusing, especially at that time of the night that they were still out helping people. 

Garner State Park Camping

The park has more than 300 camping sites, for both RV’s and tents, with water and electricity. Camping areas are like a busy a little community, because, if it’s not full, it’s housing a lot of people. I felt comfortable and I thought it was fun having lots of people around.garner state park

3. Mini Sports

Garner State Park has a basketball court, tennis court, and a mini golf site. The fun can be endless here. And for many people, visiting the park for fun and the beautiful scenery was a tradition. For our morning exercise, we strolled around the park. 

Garner State Park SportsThe facilities were good and we have no complains. As it is surrounded by hills in a secluded area, the cell reception is a challenge. We managed, however, to use the truck’s wi-fi to get connected and updated with family.

garner state park

4. Hiking

hiking at garner state park

5. Frio River Adventures

The Frio River carves its way along the granite and rock walls of the hills for 200 miles long, passing through Garner State Park. Lined with cypress trees, Frio Rio, or the freezing river water, is not only cold, but is amazingly crystal clear. Frio RiverThe water is navigable at this time so the people enjoyed recreational activities like kayaking, paddle boating, tubing and swimming, fishing or floating down the Ol Frio.

garner state parkI was glad we visited just at the right time, when the leaves are turning into lovely different fall/winter colors. You can do some of these things anywhere but the beauty around this place is so Texas and unique here. Garner State Park is located 75 miles (121 km) west of San Antonio. We went home filled with good memories, and most of all, refreshed! 


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