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Murchison Park El Paso Scenic Drive

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I stopped in El Paso during my trip to stay in a hotel for the night, and since I had few hours before dark, I was looking for things to do in the city. Museums and zoos and a lot of entertaining places were suggested. However, I opted for the Scenic Drive.

The beautiful El Paso mountains.

El Paso Scenic Drive

Over the southern tip of Franklin Mountain was the Rim Road of the El Paso Scenic Drive, called the Murchison Park. 

El Paso Scenic Drive

The drive along the curvy road going up the mountain was so worth of the travel experience, when you finally stand on the overlook rim, feel the winds and see the beauty of the view, the cityscape, and the sunset. It was breathtaking!

El Paso Scenic Drive

From my vantage point on the rim was the panoramic view of three cities/states in two countries: New Mexico, El Paso, TX and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

El Paso Scenic Drive

Driving up the mountains when there was plenty of daylight and parking spot on the side of the road would be a great idea, as it could get really crowded at peak hours and a lot of people would be on the rather narrow curvy road. And since this was an overlook, also check for the sky conditions. This time the sky was clear and beautiful and perfect for viewing the horizon.

El Paso Scenic DriveEl Paso Scenic Drive

The ‘famous’ Rainbow food truck was there on one of the parking spots selling snacks.

rainbow truck

El Paso Scenic Drive

I stayed on to watch the captivating sunset  and the city lights coming to life at night. It is a must when you are there.

El Paso Scenic Drive

The Murchison Park, the official name of the Scenic Drive Overlook, was given in honor of S. MacIntosh Murchison, founder of Mortgage Investment Company in El Paso, Texas.


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  1. I hadn’t realized there were so many mountains there. I live in El Paso County, but in a different part of the country (though still mountainous).

  2. I got drafted in 1966 and reported for duty in El Paso. Coming from New Jersey, I was astounded at the deep blue skies and the 360 degree horizon. The the scenic road was not often traveled in those days. Franklin Mountain was a beacon which quickly provided a sense of orientation. Back home I never had a sense of where the sun rose or set– the flat sky simply stretched from one housetop to another. The Great Southwest has ever since had a special place in my heart.

    • Thank you so much for sharing, and thank you for your service, Sir!
      That is so true, in the big cities I guess we don’t think much of it, but it is different when we are in places with not so many skyscrapers and especially when we are at some altitude seeing all-around views. Our perspective and everything that goes with it are widened.

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