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  1. You know, let’s be serious here for a minute, people who carry packages on their heads like that, don’t they ever get headaches? I can undestand WHY they do it, but it always amazes me that they CAN. I’d be wobbling and looking like a cartoon character, lol.

  2. Thank you guys, that was in India, Agra paticulary, where animals, the beasts of burden contribute so much to the street traffic, contesting with vehicles

  3. there are so many ways that burderns are darried in India. I was amazed at how much a man could carry on his bicycle, for example. And the transportation for a family of four might be a motorbike. My son visited El Salvador adn showed us his pictures of an ox cart. I told him, I saw those in India, but their horns werepainted blue.

  4. No probs. I have seen those too, Katney, they’re reall amazing, and seeing how many loads or even people will fit in one carriage, :-).

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