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Meteor Crater in Arizona

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Experience the impact! 🙂

More than 2 million tons of TNT was the recorded force of the celestial object that made this remarkable planetary crater upon impact, a huge hole in the ground.

Roadtripper showed a Meteor Crater attraction in Winslow, AZ, which was just within a few mile radius along my general route. So drove I to see the result of the impact! And there I was, an inhabitant of the earth, looking at the rather amazing deep scar on our home planet caused by a meteorite from space. Thankfully, it was a relatively small size meteorite, and not bigger.

Others say it is just a hole, yes, but a rare one at that. It was formed by a 130’ wide meteor; it is 2.4 miles in circumference, nearly one mile across, and more than 570 feet deep. It is huge, that the tourists looked so small in comparison to its size. The whole crater won’t fit into a regular camera from any of the vantage points, you need a wide-angle lens, or in today, ones or even phones with panoramic capabilities.

It was in a place like in the middle of nowhere, about 6 miles from Route 66/ I-40. My GPS that time didn’t point me to the exact location so I just had to keep driving since I was several miles into the trip.

The admission associate attending to me was a sweet elderly woman, and I saw a couple of them. The admission fee was $18 per person that time, but it was worth the experience to see the crater, a part of earth history, in person.

There was a telescope where you can see the spaceman they positioned in the middle of the crater. It gives you an idea of how big it is. They now have Google Earth images where you can take a tour inside the hole and find the spaceman :-).

For a unique Meteor Crater, it was surprising to learn that it was privately owned [by Barringer Crater Co]. It has a museum, theater, gift shop, and Subway to eat at. The Crater is the largest, most well-preserved meteor crater, impact site, in the world.

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  1. So fascinating! Never knew that there is such a place to visit and see an actual meteor crater. Very interesting post about this “well-preserved meteor crater, impact site, in the world”. Many thanks for sharing it with us! Happy Neaw Year, to you!

  2. I really want to road trip more around Arizona and visit this place. I have been to the Sedona and Tucson areas. However, I want to see this crater and the Petrified Forest park. #OurWorldTuesday

    • Wow, that is awesome! I’ve never been to Sedona and Tucson yet, I just saw pictures and articles about the beautiful places to see there. Petrified Forest is one of a kind 🙂

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