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Flute music for relaxation

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king fluteAndrea Bocelli said that it’s very important for him to try to relax when he’s travelling, and playing his flute helps him to unwind. I can relate 🙂 Growing up, my dad would play from time to time instrumental music for relaxation. I always liked listening to it, especially around ‘siesta’ time when there was no school. My first instrument was a King Flute, and it was made of bamboo in the Philippines. I bought the third one, a recorder, here in the US, online. I love both of them for the quality sound they produce. These are two of the three flutes I ever owned, one being ‘a.w.o.l’.

As these are at least 11 years old, I realized it is time for a new one, maybe a metal instrument this time. So I was looking up how much does a flute cost these days. I found a flute buying guide and I find it very helpful and informative. I learned to play flute by myself and somehow there are great new information that musician’s friend laid out. As for the flute cost, it starts at fairly decent amount such that it is affordable.

If music be the food of love, play on – William Shakespeare.


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