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Testing the Waters of Scuba Diving

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Of the 6 million scuba divers worldwide, 2.7-3.0 million were from the USA according to the 2013 facts and statistics. The scuba diving brought a revenue of about $11 billion to the US GDP on that same year; and the instructor that we met confirmed that it was a huge industry.

Top Scuba Diving States.

Scuba diving was most popular in California and Florida. They were the favorite diving destinations of the most active divers in the industry. Unsurprisingly, their coastlines and beautiful beaches were a magnet for diving. Also, the coral reefs deep in their oceans offered attractive underwater tourism, and by themselves alone, generate huge revenues.

Overall, Texas run third. In Texas, there were a number of scuba diving schools and diving spots. The Gulf of Mexico, Texas lakes, and rivers throughout the state attracted thousands of diving and snorkeling enthusiasts alike.

scuba divingFirst Dive.

During our travel and adventure trip in Dallas this month, we got a little “insider’s” look at scuba diving. We have learned a new stuff. It was enough to keep the interest going and gaining steam.

Scuba DivingWithout any hesitation, Link decided to experience it and take the ‘dive’. So he suited up and put on the scuba (self-contained underwater breathing apparatus) and scuba gears they provided during the show. During this introductory lesson, the dive masters spent time in explaining the basics in preparation for the task. The experience was a blast!

Scuba Diving

So that scuba diving alone made our trip so worth it. It opened in us a new area of interest to navigate. There is so much beauty around us whether on land or under water. They were laid for us to explore!

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  1. I think so too Sherab especially when we get to see marine life. And I’m pretty sure it can happen for you.
    I was the photographer that time and did not try it. Will definitely grab the next opportunity 🙂

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