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Polaris Slingshot: Motorcycle Meets Car

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The Polaris Slingshot: a three-wheeled motorcycle manufactured by Polaris Industries, on display during the 2017 Houston Auto Show.

Polaris Slingshot autocycle

The number of people who saw them the first time running on the road seemed to have the same confusion of what it is. I was the same way.

Slingshot is a 3-wheeler part-car part-motorcycle. It is not an automobile as it has no airbags and does not pass the automobile safety and fuel standards. Basically, it is not under the same regulations as automobiles.

Polaris Slingshot motorcycleLicensing requirement depends on individual State classification which could either be a motorcycle, mototricycle, or an autocycle. In Texas, it is classified as an Autocycle, and to date, only a driver’s license is required to operate a Slingshot.

Polaris Slingshot motorcycleThe cost is in the $20,000’s.

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