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At Florida-Georgia State Border

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Spreading Sunshine in Florida! 🙂

At the Georgia-Florida state border/rest stop on our way to Key West for our Spring Break vacation. Somebody said that it was kinda brave of us to go when surely the traffic and crowd would be congested.

It was chaotic indeed, so many people around the area on the beaches and the streets, vehicles congesting the roads, and several cop cars flashing their lights; but we somehow survived it lol. It was a fun experience bonding with cousins and aunt, and I got to do some reflection time too born of watching the beach, the waters, the people who might also be doing what I was doing, or just simply enjoying the breeze and those particular moments in time. It was refreshing.

We get caught up in the busyness of life and the rat race sometimes that we forget to have fun, go out, relax, and just experience life and have great memories and no regrets!



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