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Things To Do In Galveston

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Beach Club Vacations at Galveston

The stay at Club Vacations beach house was really awesome, and actually exceeded our expectations. Upon arriving, we were surprised and impressed by the two-bedroom condo. We had a very spacious and clean resort which was just a walking distance to the beach!

things to do in Galveston

Through the kindness of our sponsor, Link’s mom, my parents, Link and I were treated to an unforgettable holiday. What is greater treat than reading a personal note from his mother who prepared everything and made sure our stay would be enjoyable? We stayed at the condo for two nights. Because the condo was fursnihed, we get to cook fresh sea food inside, and also grill outside.

things to do in Galveston

I am so thankful! And the most important thing for me was that we were able to take my parents out to the beach, treat them out for new scenery, to relax and have fun! I was hoping that they would have a great time!

things to do in Galveston

Things to do in Galveston Island, Texas:

There are over 1000 vacation rentals in Galveston. There are hundreds of things to do. The possibilities are endless, a few of which we did:

  1. Night swimming under a full moon. We were doing some stuff during the hot day and we decided to go to the beach late in the afternoon. We enjoyed the waters for a while until the full moon shone bright and bold above us. things to do in Galvestonthings to do in Galveston
  2. Kayaking. Link was doing great and having fun kayaking on the sea. The kayak was not ‘designed’ as a sea kayak, but a kayak is a kayak, and he did very well on top of the waves.things to do in Galvestonthings to do in Galveston
  3. Stay in luxirous villas and beach resorts. things to do in Galvestonthings to do in Galveston
  4. Drive in and park on the beach (permit required for a small fee).

things to do in Galveston#grateful!


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