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Things To Do In Galveston


Beach Club Vacations at Galveston The stay at Club Vacations beach house was really awesome, and actually exceeded our expectations. Upon arriving, we were surprised and impressed by the two-bedroom condo. We had a very spacious and clean resort which was just a walking distance to the beach! Through the kindness of our…


At Florida-Georgia State Border


Spreading Sunshine in Florida! 🙂 At the Georgia-Florida state border/rest stop on our way to Key West for our Spring Break vacation. Somebody said that it was kinda brave of us to go when surely the traffic and crowd would be congested. It was chaotic indeed, so many people around the area on…


A Night in Crystal Beach


The Greatest Free Ride in Texas. Galveston-Bolivar Peninsula Ferry Ride. Instead of staying in on Saturday, I wanted to go away from the hustle and bustle, somewhere where I can relax. The beach. So we planned on going to Crystal Beach in Bolivar Peninsula, TX, which is about a two-hour drive…