Russian Hacks

If you use an unsecure server, the chance of being hacked is much higher.

The US 2016 Elections was over more than five weeks ago. And these past few days, the Russian hacking claims of the DNC servers has been on the ‘news’ making noise.

Is Russian hacking the elections claim and helping Trump win even true? Do those who claim of Russian involvement have solid and reliable claim? More than just a ‘conclusive’ evidence is what I want. The intelligence agencies cannot even say that.

We are living in a dangerous world, and making unproven allegations against other nations, no matter how ‘trivial’ it may seem, is taunting trouble. If it is true, they must pay! But this claim has not been really proven. But we have seen more than what were on the emails published by Wikileaks, and people know why Hillary lost. The people voted for their choice for a leader of the nation.

One thing is sure, there just has been so much untruths and lies in the mainstream media it is sad to see them fall like that. The times, how they have changed. And yeah, it could be China, it could be anyone from any country actually.

Trip to Moscow.

I will be taking a trip soon on a transatlantic flight, just because I want to set foot on different countries that I haven’t been to, or just for the sake of traveling. It will be a longer trip than a transpacific flight, but I love traveling, and the I had been to the countries where I would be laying over on the flight over the Pacific Ocean. The last trip was through Moscow, Russia, to Singapore and finally to the Philippines. It is so nice to travel while we are young and single, because we can enjoy all we can and we are still healthy and be up for any challenge we may meet or places we need to go to. Time, is all we need to take advantage of.