Singapore Airlines Flight to Houston via Manchester

I am fixing to buy airline tickets for my parents who will be coming back to the USA from Philippines in few months. The plan is not finalized yet, so to just see what is going on out there with the ticket prices of different airlines, I was looking up for the possible flight they can get on.

I just realize that Singapore Airlines is now directing its flights from Singapore to Houston via Manchester! I think that is very cool! I have this sudden itch to go and fly 🙂 We used to fly via Moscow. Now the Moscow stopover is not shown on the available flights. The reason was because of the economy in Moscow. It is an oil City and the oil and gas industry today is pretty slow. But for sure there are other business strategies they are considering. So from that point, it makes sense to make the change. And besides, Singapore Airlines and United Airlines, which does not fly direct from Houston to Manchester, can make this a big advantage and code sharing with each other. Singapore Airlines has been restructuring or changing its flight network over these past couple of months. This new flight features the same three-cabin Boeing Airplanes, First Class and Business Class features as the old route. Continue reading “Singapore Airlines Flight to Houston via Manchester”

Back from Transatlantic Flight

IMG_2552From Davao International Airport, to Singapore, to Moscow, and finally to the USA! I am very thankful for the safe and pleasant overall flight despite some turbulence we experienced that might be the reason why the flight path had reroutes instead of going straight. Thank God, it was great to be back stateside! My parents had a great experience and we got home!


Trip to Moscow.

I will be taking a trip soon on a transatlantic flight, just because I want to set foot on different countries that I haven’t been to, or just for the sake of traveling. It will be a longer trip than a transpacific flight, but I love traveling, and the I had been to the countries where I would be laying over on the flight over the Pacific Ocean. The last trip was through Moscow, Russia, to Singapore and finally to the Philippines. It is so nice to travel while we are young and single, because we can enjoy all we can and we are still healthy and be up for any challenge we may meet or places we need to go to. Time, is all we need to take advantage of.