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Hotels in Abilene, Texas

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From the site, it took us about 30 minutes to get to the hotel for an hour of rest before checking out the city for restaurants for our meals. We stayed at Holiday Inn Express and Suites. So on this field trip, we were accumulating some loyalty points for hotel rewards later.

In Abilene, there are 2 Holiday Inn’s, and a total of 37 hotels. There was a little confusion when we were first checking in, but the reception agents resolved themselves. It turned out, one workmate was reserved twice. Computer issue.

Abilene Hotels

The beautiful tree and the chirping black birds on the hotel parking lot shown below. It was an awesome feature. But we stayed a little ways off of the tree because we did not want any more bird waste on our van. Parked for few seconds beside it and we had a stain already.

Abilene Hotels

The view from my hotel room window – was a quiet and peaceful side of the city and a beautiful sunset later.

Abilene Hotels

Abilene Hotels

This time, the 3 of us each had a king size bed.

Abilene Hotels

Abilene Hotels

They feature Bath and Body Works toiletries, and they were generous with them. It was awesome, although I brought my own stuff.

Hotels in Abilene  

The Holy Bible in the nightstand by the bed.

Abilene HotelsAbilene Hotels

It was a great hotel with good amenities and features. The free continental breakfast included many selections. I had to unhook the telephone receiver though, for the even faint noise it made, when it was quiet, could be all you would hear all night. Aside from that, we had a wonderful stay in the hotel in Abilene, Texas.


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