Roses from my Love

I celebrated my birthday this month. Link was working. On Valentine’s Day, I was traveling out of town working. When I got back in Houston, he surprised me with these beautiful bouquet of roses! I so love it!!

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Traveling around Texas

texas travel
We traveled more than 900 miles around Texas in four days. (See the size of Texas in comparison to other places in the world). Two of my workmates and I drove to see client sites and collect field data. We passed through some good-sized cities, and also saw for the first time some smaller towns in the state. Since we travel for business, we drove straight to the sites and avoided large cities like Dallas going from South to East Texas in Sulphur Springs, East Texas to West Texas in Abilene, and Austin and San Antonio going from West Texas back to Houston, due to very possible heavy traffic conditions in those areas. I documented our trip and our stops in the cities we went to in reviews based on my experience. It was a great opportunity to get out of the office and learn something new while doing what I love – travel and photography.

Singapore Airlines Flight to Houston via Manchester

I am fixing to buy airline tickets for my parents who will be coming back to the USA from Philippines in few months. The plan is not finalized yet, so to just see what is going on out there with the ticket prices of different airlines, I was looking up for the possible flight they can get on.

I just realize that Singapore Airlines is now directing its flights from Singapore to Houston via Manchester! I think that is very cool! I have this sudden itch to go and fly 🙂 We used to fly via Moscow. Now the Moscow stopover is not shown on the available flights. The reason was because of the economy in Moscow. It is an oil City and the oil and gas industry today is pretty slow. But for sure there are other business strategies they are considering. So from that point, it makes sense to make the change. And besides, Singapore Airlines and United Airlines, which does not fly direct from Houston to Manchester, can make this a big advantage and code sharing with each other. Singapore Airlines has been restructuring or changing its flight network over these past couple of months. This new flight features the same three-cabin Boeing Airplanes, First Class and Business Class features as the old route. Continue reading “Singapore Airlines Flight to Houston via Manchester”

Night Time Flying in Texas

A photo of a stratocumulus cloud formation as seen from the sky at dusk, also showing the curvature of the earth. My pilot friend took me on a night flight between two airports south and southwest of Houston on his new airplane. He was planning to be a flight instructor. He said ‘flying is freedom’.

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Santa’s Wonderland in Texas

The Biggest Christmas attraction in the state of Texas that sparkles with over 3 million LED lights, is located in College Station. Santa’s Wonderland sits on 69 acres boasting Santa’s Town, Texas Christmas Village, and the spectacular over a mile long winding trail of lights. And this Christmas season, it called us for a road trip from Houston.

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Merry Christmas!!!

I’m celebrating Christmas!!


It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year! This is the season of love, as should be all the time around the world! And I am celebrating it! Merry Christmas everybody!!

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6.

Healthcare Insurance

With the least possible cost, I have made full use of my medical, vision and dental (and even auto) insurance before the year is over. Feeling great! After all of the monthly premiums I had to pay, the insurance and I are even, but not break even, for minus whatever their deals with healthcare providers, they are billed for more than what I have paid them.

This is mentioned because I have friends who pay expensive premiums but never get to make use of the benefits they are covered for for the whole year. Sure insurance industry is huge business and as individuals we don’t make a dent with our claims, but we are paying, we might as well utilize it to our advantage.

I Have a Thankful Heart!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!! I am so grateful because of the great things He has done in my life, the hard stuff for the lessons and the gift of love, life and family!

Peace in the Heart

On this day, we had our Thanksgiving Potluck at work and everybody was having fun in the office as we enjoy the food. It would be about a month later when I found out through my best and ever loyal friend that someone whom we used to know passed away on this day. He had cancer and it was said that he died in a hospice. I hope he was peaceful and happy not just during his last days, but generally in his life. I hope that he was well  given loving care during his sick days. I hope he rested in peace knowing that he was long forgiven. This event reminds me again that all the things here on earth will last but only what was done for God and the good things for others will count in the end and give lasting happy memories. He helped build our church financially, and that was one good memory we had of him. We are grateful to him for that.