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Lake Tobesofkee in Macon, Georgia

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Lake Tobesofkee for Recreation

Lake Tobesofkee is one of the most heavily fished lakes in the state of Georgia. It is located in Tobesofkee Creek in Bibb County, Georgia.

Enjoy a very relaxing day on lake! We did, one Sunday afternoon! It was so refreshing even just to see the peaceful houses and condos from afar while feeling the breeze on our skin in a rather hot day. 

Lake Tobesofkee in Georgia
There were many people, especially children, swimming in the lake, having fun on the playgrounds, others sunbathing on the attractive white sand beach. Many people were fishing too. It was a great recreation destination that also had camping facilities.

We didn’t swim however. We were on the shade on the picnic mat talking, sharing stories, laughing together. It was what we came there for – unwinding. It was very good and memorable time with my cousins, wanderlust that we had 🙂

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